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Windows Mixed Reality

Art Direction, Concept, Retouching 

Client: Microsoft
Brand: Windows Mixed Reality
My Role: Art Direction, Concept, Retouching
Brief: Support the launch of Windows Mixed Reality by showing off the full line of OEM WMR headsets and hardware available with Windows 10. 
Concept: Windows Mixed Reality is the future, so let’s make them feel futuristic. Almost fantastic in nature. They look like Sci-Fi so let’s put them in this Bladerunner-esque world. Let’s gel them in different colors so each OEM is represented in a unique way but is unified by the same overall look and feel.

Agency: Ayzenberg
Creative Director: Tanner Teale
Photographer: Shaun Lang
Art Director: Matt Goldberg / David Espinosa 
Stylist: Evan Jourdan
Strategist: Rachel Gertz
Social Media Director: Jonathan Carmona

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