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Windows Holiday, 2018
Concept, Art Direction, Fashion Design, Photography, Retouching 

Client: Microsoft
Brand: Windows  
My Role: Concept, Art Direction, Fashion Design, Photography, Retouching (I designed the sweaters, photographed the rollout, and retouched the images for web)
Brief: Boost fan engagement and brand affinity by throwing a brand like Microsoft into a new culture. 
Concept: What about streetwear, can a brand like Windows exist in that world? It has the cultural following, people on the internet seem to like it... So, what if we made a sweater, a real-life wearable Windows 95 holiday sweater.  We can give them away to our most diehard fans and some influencers surprise-and-delight style and see what happens. 

Agency: Ayzenberg
Creative Director: Steven Townsend
Assosciate Creative Director: Shepherd Wallace
Art Director: Matt Goldberg
Copywriter: Paul McNamera
Strategist: Gabby Cohen
Project Manager: Kylah Frazier
Social Media Director: Jonathan Carmona

The internet went nuts!

*Highights: front page of Reddit, HypeBeast, Mashable, Business Insider, PC Gamer and shout out on Q13 Seattle News.


Lucky fans that received sweaters also received a hand-written note asking them to submit pics of their new sweaters using the hashtag: #WindowsUglySweater (<-more)

Some fans couldn’t get one, so they made art!



Further Learnings / Engagement


This series warranted the most engaged post in history for @Windows on all platforms 2x over. 

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