Microsoft Holiday

Windows, Surface, Xbox, Microsoft Store, 2017-2019
Art Direction, Concepting, Design, Photography, Retouching

Burgundy Surface Laptop 2 with Poinsettias

Color-play that pairs the burgundy Surface Laptop 2 with a timeless holiday tradition: the poinsettia.
My Role: Concept, Art Direction (Studio), Photography, Retouching

Tap to Unwrap

Concept: Playing on the Unboxing video craze, this Instagram Story asks users to “tap to unwrap” the gift of a new computer. Each frame revealed slightly more of the box until the computer itself was unwrapped and revealed. 
My Role: Concept, Art Direction (Studio) 

Windows Logo Jack-O-Lantern

Concept: Turn the classic Windows logo into a Jack-o-lantern for Halloween
My Role:
Concept, Photography, Retouching, Pumpkin Carving

Windows Logo Ornament

Concept: Microsoft logo Xmas ornaments.
My Role: Art Direction, Execution, Photo Manipulation

X-Box Design Lab: Everyone’s Favorite Gift

Concept: Photo series of different people playng X-Box with their own custom Design Lab controllers that alludes to the first gift you open on Xmas has your whole day planned. 
My Role: Art Direction, Photography 

Holiday Lifestyle Photography Examples

Concept: Lifestyle photography and human-centric storytelling surrounding the holiday season. 
My Role: Concept, Art Direction, Photography, Retouching

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