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Microsoft Social 

Windows, Surface, 2017 - 2019
Art Direction, Concepting, Design, Photography, Retouching, Photo Manipulation


Concept: I had a vision one day when I was closing my laptop: the UI projects itself outward when the screen is particially closed. So I thought what if I put a rainbow on the screen, it should theoretically project the same rainbow on the surface beneath it right? Well it worked. We lit the product and then shot in the dark on a 2 second exposure to get full saturation of the rainbow. Microsoft later used this image with it’s full 360 Pride campaign as well as became the cover image across all channels for the month of June. 
My Role: Art Direction, Concept, Photography, Retouching


Takeover Grid

Client: Microsoft
My Role:
Art Direction, Photography, Retouching, Layout
Show off the entire family of devices / accessories available at Microsoft Store
Concept: The idea was to make each square it’s own stand-alone piece of content in feed. The rollout lasted 12 days, one post per day. On the final day, suprise! the 3 x 4 IG grid reveals the bigger picture: all the Microsoft Store accessories and devices in one place.

The Sky’s The Limit

Concept: Microsoft gives you infinite potential. Really with Microsoft, the sky is the limit. How about we show people that there is no glass ceiling. We’ll put our computers on a 4x8 foot mirror on a nice cloudy day. They’ll look like they’re floating in space. 
My Role: Art Direction, Concept, Photography, Retouching


Almost Paradise

Concept: SGet our audience psyched for Summer by reminding them, paradise is closer than they think.
My Role: Art Direction, Concept, Photography, Retouching

Congrats You’re Done!

Concept: That friday feeling. Let’s show off the joy of closing your laptop and we’ll show off all the devices and make it fun and relateable. 
My Role: Art Direction, Concept


Help Me Choose

Show off all the OEM devices available at Microsoft.com to help the consumer choose their perfect computer. The challenge was to get all of the computers in one frame that was fresh and interesting. We felt like a fun way to show them all off would be to have them all floating in the air. Shooting this wide allowed us to put all of the devices in one frame and also lent itself well to a seamless carousel on Instagram. The Image was later used as the banner image on Windows social channels for over a year as well as on the purchase page at Microsoft.com
My Role: Art Direction, Concept, Retouching, Photo Assisting

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day 

Concept: Turn the Windows logo into a piece of art for Art Day. We wanted to turn the logo into a work of art that had an instantly recognizable style. With a few artists in mind we ultimately went with Jackson Pollock because paint-splatting is a relatively easy look to achieve in a short amount of time. It also leant itself well to the surprise reveal.  
My Role: Art Direction, Concept, Photography, Retouching, Painting

Windows Colorblock Triptych

Concept: Showcase 3 different personas of a student (the artist, the worker, the gamer) by placing painted objects that represent each person and what they do.
My Role: Art Direction, Concept, Photography, Retouching, Layout Design, Spray Painter

Infinite Accessories

Brief: Show off the many accessories from Surface.
Concept: There are a select few of Surface accessories, but each one has infinite possiblilties. We wanted to figure out a way to say “infinite” without being too direct. Inspired by textile design, I started building out patterns that paid less attention to the actual product and more to something like what you would see on a garment or fabric.
My Role: Art Direction, Concept, Layout Design, Photography, Retouching

This = That

Concept: Showcase all the instruments and tools that the digital pen can replace (i.e. brushes, pens, markers etc.)
My Role: Art Direction, Concept, Photography, Retouching, Layout


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